BC01 0182 B


Name Winged Inferno Rarity 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ Element Fire
HP (Lv 1) 707 ATK (Lv 1) 367 REC (Lv 1) 43
HP (Max lv) 2695 ATK (Max lv) 2755 REC (Max lv) 171
Max level 65 Cost 26 Class GOD


Leader Skill Spirit of the Flame - Raises the ATK of Fire heroes to 70%.
AP Skill Fire Immunity
Reduce fire damage 100% for 1 turns.
Cost: 30 AP


Combo Name Empowering Pair Static Attack
Combo Property

Element Bonus: All Elements

ATK Bonus: 0%

HP Bonus: 0%

REC Bonus: 17%

Element Bonus: Light

ATK Bonus: 11%

HP Bonus: 11%

REC Bonus: 0%

Team Members Winged Inferno, Holy Knight Gronru the Avenger, Winged Inferno
Combo Name Divine Intervention
Combo Property

Element Bonus: Water

ATK Bonus: 0%

HP Bonus: 22%

REC Bonus: 0%

Team Members Twisted Avenger, Poseidon's Essence, Stromfuror, Winged Inferno


Materials Needed Keeper of the Knowledge, Essence Flametorn, Cyclonian Rebel, Ribbon Enchantress
Evolves to Winged Inferno +

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