When particular heroes are present in a team, they can form a Team Combo.

As a result the ATK, HP, and/or REC of team members that belong to the specified element (sometimes is "ALL elements") go up.

See the Table of Team Combos for the complete list.

Stacking Edit

Team Combos do not stack.

When a hero would for instance gain +15% ATK from one Team Combo and +20% ATK from another one, he will get the maximum of the two, which is +20% ATK.

EXCEPTION: "All element" WILL stack with "specific element". Ex: +15% Dark ATK from Serpentian Rogue + with Unnamed Gnome + stacks with +28% All Element ATK from Winged Inferno + with Holy Knight +. Dark heroes gain total of 43% ATK.

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