BC01 0122 B


Name Snow Priestess Rarity 4 ☆☆☆☆ Element Ice
HP (Lv 1) 422 ATK (Lv 1) 223 REC (Lv 1) 17
HP (Max lv) 1570 ATK (Max lv) 1338 REC (Max lv) 61
Max level 45 Cost 16 Class WARRIOR


Leader Skill Fire connect - Link fire and water runes will not cost Aps.
AP Skill Poison Mist III
Poisons all targets, reducing HP by 240% times the hero's ATK every turn.
Cost: 15 AP


Combo Name Ice Sculptors
Combo Property

Element Bonus: Water

ATK Bonus: 20%

HP Bonus: 0%

REC Bonus: 5%

Team Members Valkyrie's Apprentice, Snow Priestess


Materials Needed Keeper of the Knowledge, Genus Ice, Cyclonius Rex
Evolves to Snow Priestess +

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