Name Hammer from Above Difficulty ☆☆☆☆ Element Light
Energy Cost ϟ 16 Number of Battles 6 EXP Gained 2100
Trophy Requirements Clear Dungeon

Max 64 AP Used

HP Above 60%

Loot Available Cyclopian Warrior

Espiritus Petalia +

Keeper of the Knowledge

Errol the Dwarf +

Violet Lynx +

Gold Gained 3530

Previous Dungeon

Next Dungeon

Narration Edit

They knew they would need more than the magic of the elements to locate Iono and his treasure. So the heroes began to merge completely -- evolving into greater beings.

Battle 1 Edit

Enemy Skeleton Fat Ghoul Skeleton
Element Light Dark Light
Turns Before Attack 2 3 3

 Battle 2 Edit

Enemy Werewolf Werewolf
Element Light Light
Turns Before Attack 3 2

Battle 3 Edit

Enemy Wraith Wraith
Element Light Dark
Turns Before Attack 1 1

Battle 4 Edit

Enemy Wraith Brute Wraith
Element Dark Light Dark
Turns Before Attack 2 3 3

Battle 5 Edit

Enemy Shaman Skeleton Shaman
Element Wood Light Wood
Turns Before Attack 3 3 2

Battle 6 Edit

Enemy Brute Skeleton
Element Light Dark
Turns Before Attack 3 2

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