Name Emerald Eye Difficulty ☆☆ Element Dark
Energy Cost ϟ 7 Number of Battles 5 EXP Gained 750
Trophy Requirements Clear Dungeon

Max 32 AP Used

HP Above 80%

Loot Available Espiritus Petalia

Keeper of the Knowledge

Mace Master

Cougerus Gold

Misty Bouquet

Gold Gained 1110

Previous Dungeon

Next Dungeon

Narration Edit

Nervous he could lose all he had if his fellow dragons banded together, Iono approached mortals -- humans and elves -- for help. A partnership was formed.

 Battle 1 Edit

Enemy Demon Demon
Element Dark Light
Turns Before Attack 2 4

 Battle 2 Edit

Enemy Demon Fat Ghoul Demon
Element Wood Dark Water
Turns Before Attack 3 2 1

Battle 3 Edit

Enemy Brute Brute
Element Dark Dark
Turns Before Attack 3 2

Battle 4 Edit

Enemy Brute Fat Ghoul Brute
Element Light Dark Light
Turns Before Attack 2 3 2

Battle 5 Edit

Enemy Fat Ghoul Fat Ghoul
Element Dark Light
Turns Before Attack 3 3

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