Icon Wikia name Game description
DPS Icon DPS High Attack Power, but HP and HP Recovery are far lower than others.
BALANCED Icon WARRIOR They possess a good balance of all abilities.
HEALER Icon HEALER Possesses more HP Recovery in battle, but their Attack Power is the lowest.
TANK Icon TANK Possesses a huge amount of HP, but Attack Power and HP Recovery are very low.
GOD-LIKE Icon CRYPTIDS Close to GOD-LIKE, with mysterious power that is stronger than normal.
GOD Icon GOD All their statistics are nearly perfect. Some people refer to them as GODS.
MATERIAL Icon MATERIAL Special Hero for evolving other heroes. Keep them if you need heroes for evolution materials.
EXP-GIVER Icon EXP Special Special Hero that is mainly used to provide huge amounts of XP.
COIN-GIVER Icon COINS Special Special Hero that is mainly used to exchange for Coins.

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