• I like Serena

    My Hero Pool

    February 28, 2015 by I like Serena

    My Core Pool consists of the heroes that are in one or another team.

    They are so strong, or have certain special abilities that I want them in a team.

    Hero Reason
    Strong hero.
    Part of multiple team combos.
    About the strongest hero there is, apart from special bonuses.
    x1.4 ATK/HP for Wood heroes, and one of the Iron Ladies, giving +15% ATK, HP, and REC. Can blast all enemies for 20x ATK.
    Strong hero.
    Hero that has the highest REC by far. She increases HP and REC as leader. She is part of many combos. And her AP skill makes her heal effectively. To top it off, her AP Skill Level can be increased easily.
    Strong hero.
    x1.6 ATK/HP for Water heroes, and part of the Frozen Couples, giving +15% ATK on water damage.
    Strong hero. Part of multiple comb…

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