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The basic stats are ATK, HP, and REC.

They depend only on a particular hero minimum and maximum basic stats, his maximum level, and his actual level.

ATK is the amount of damage a hero does for each tile in the color of the hero, that is destroyed.

The HP of all heroes in the team are combined to a grand total. You only lose when the enemy brings that total to zero.

REC is the amount of HP that is recovered for each heart tile destroyed.

Formulas Edit

The formulas are:

ATK = ATK Lv1 + (Lv - 1) * trunc( (ATK Max - ATK Lv1) / (Lv Max - 1) )
HP = HP Lv1 + (Lv - 1) * trunc( (HP Max - HP Lv1) / (Lv Max - 1) )
REC = REC Lv1 + (Lv - 1) * trunc( (REC Max - REC Lv1) / (Lv Max - 1) )

Interestingly these formulas mean that the given max stats will never be reached.

The REC gain per level is usually 1. The exceptions are GOD's that can have REC/Lv=2, and HEALER's that have a REC/Lv that varies between 2 and 5.

Example Edit

Suppose we have Ruby Templar ++ at level Lv = 26. She has ATK Lv1 = 426, ATK Max = 3600, and Lv Max = 99.

That gives her an ATK stat of:

ATK = 426 + (56 - 1) * trunc((3600 - 426) / (99 - 1)) = 2186

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