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AP Skills Edit

Most heroes have an ability that can be activated during a fight. These abilities cost action points, and are known as AP Skills. A variety of effects exist including damage, healing, and delaying demon attacks.

Skill Types Edit

There are five broad categories of AP Skills (damage, rune effects, healing, damage reduction, and delaying), and a total of 18 distinct different effects. The elements involved, cost in action points, and numeric values have a greater variety comprising over 100 unique skills.

Skill Upgrades ("Leveling Up" your AP Skill) Edit

When selecting material heroes to enhance a hero, there is a little orange tag labeled SKILL on the heroes that have the same skill as that hero. (And on the next screen, before Applying these materials, there is a blinking "Powerful Skill".) Using these heroes to enhance your hero may raise your hero's AP Skill Level by 1, which reduces its AP cost by 1. The odds of raising the Skill Level go down (gets harder), as the Skill Level goes up. Be aware that EVOLVING a hero reduces its Skill Level back to 1. See also Enhancement, "AP Skill Levels".

Stacking Edit

AP skills of the same type do not stack. So for instance an elemental boost of x1.6 on all Dark damage (Mace Master +) gets superseded by one of x3.3 (Skull Smasher +).

AP skills of different types can combine. So for instance inflicting x14 Dark damage (Serpentian Rogue +) combines with a x3.3 element boost of Dark damage (Skull Smasher +).

Skills by Category Edit

Note: The following category and sub-category names are merely my attempt to organize the abilities; they have no in-game basis. Additionally, the in game wording has changed over time and not all abilities match the below exactly.

(E)    One Element (ie 'Fire')

(Es)   One or more Elements (ie 'Fire and Heart' or 'All')

(%)    A percentage based numeric value (ie 80%)

(F)    A flat or fixed value (ie 50,000)

(X)    A multiplier for damage or healing (ie 1.6 times)

(N)    A number of turns an effect lasts

Damage Effects Edit

  • Damage Area-effect
Inflicts (E) damage equal to (X) times the hero's ATK on ALL targets.
  • Damage Major    
Inflicts damage equal to (%) of the target's current HP on ALL targets.
  • Damage Direct    
Inflicts (E) damage equal to (X) times the hero's ATK on one target.
  • Damage Focus    
Inflicts (F) Damage to all enemies, will ignore any element defense.
  • Damage Multi    
(E) hero attacks will hit all targets for (N) turns when the skill is activated.

Hint: (E) Damage Effects of other AP-Skills will not profit from this effect.

  • Damage Over Time    
Poisons all targets, reducing HP by (X) times the hero's ATK every turn.
  • Damage Retribution    
Inflicts (E) damage equal to (X) times the hero's current HP deficit on one target.
  • Damage Vampiric    
Inflicts (X) times (E) Damage to all enemies, and recovers (%) of that damage as HP.

Rune Effects Edit

  • Elemental Boost
(E) Runes that are successfully matched are (X) times stronger for (N) turns.

Hint: Even if the text does not say so, "Elemental Boost" as well boosts (E) Damage Effects of other AP-Skills

  • Rune Conversion
All (Es) Runes turn into (E) Runes.
  • Rune Conversion for HP
All Runes will turn into (E) Runes, but HP will be reduced to 1.
  • Rune Conversion Random
Currently only Elemental Trans I has this effect. Edit
All Runes will randomly turn into (E), (E) or (E) Runes.

Healing Effects Edit

  • Heal
Restores HP equal to (X) times the hero's REC.
  • Heal Flat Value
Restores (F) HP.
  • Heal Over Time
Restores HP equal to (X) times the hero's REC each turn for (N) turns.
  • Heal Percentage
Restores (%) HP of the team's total HP.

Damage reduction Edit

  • Elemental Protection
Abilities like Shield of Belief: Gain invulnerability for (N) turns are covered by this section as they could be written Reduce All damage by 100% for (N) turns. Edit
Reduce (Es) damage by (%) for (N) turns.

Delay Effects Edit

  • Cobweb
The cobweb line are currently the only skills that have this effect. Edit
Delays demons' attack for (N) turns.

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